Ohio State football: Some season ticket prices reduced for 2022

Ohio State announced late Thursday it is reducing some football ticket prices for the 2022 season.

The cheapest season ticket available to the general public has been reduced to $559 after starting at $710 when a new pricing format was rolled out earlier this year. That does not include an annual per-seat contribution that applies to a majority of seats and varies by location.

The university said some single-game prices would also be reduced.

While most of the seats in Ohio Stadium traditionally have gone for the same price, the university is rolling out a six-tiered pricing system in 2022.

A season ticket in the least-expensive zone will go for $559, an average of just over $69. From there it goes up to $711 for zone five, $885 for zone four, $1,022 for zone three, $1,151 for zone two and $1,287 for zone one.

Season tickets are set to go on sale Tuesday at 10 a.m. for a slate that includes visits from Notre Dame, Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan as well as Indiana, Rutgers, Toledo and Arkansas State.

The announcement of the price reduction came two days before Ohio State’s last home game of the 2021 season against Michigan State.

Ohio State is averaging 95,906 fans through six home games this season, down from 103,383 in 2019. (Last year attendance was severely limited by the COVID-19 pandemic.)

The last time Ohio State failed to draw at least 100,000 fans per game was 2000 when the stadium was in the midst of a multi-year renovation. The Buckeyes averaged 97,757 fans for six home games that year, which included a visit from Michigan.

“We’re grateful for our fans who came back to Ohio Stadium this year to support the Buckeyes,” Ohio State director of athletics Gene Smith said in a statement. “We have an outstanding home schedule next year and we want to help as many fans as possible experience Ohio Stadium and the energy and traditions associated with Ohio State football.”

According to the Associated Press, the price of an Ohio State football ticket went from $43 per game in 2001 to $70 in 2012 via incremental increases.

In 2013, the price for a regular game went up to $79, and the school introduced premium pricing for some games. That year it charged $110 for a ticket to the marquee home game, a visit from Wisconsin, with more games being designed premium games in the following years.

In 2019, single-game tickets ranged from $60 to $198 with an average price of $117.

Student tickets have been $34 per seat since 2013.

Members of Varsity ‘O’ Association (former OSU athletes), faculty and staff as well as recent graduates are also eligible to buy season tickets at reduced rates.

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