Lorenzen hopes to ‘bounce back quickly’ after injuring hamstring

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Michael Lorenzen interview (July 18, 2021)

Reds reliever will go on injured list for second time this season

Michael Lorenzen spent the first 90 games of the season on the injured list, played in one game Saturday and now will return to the injured list with a strained right hamstring.

Manager David Bell confirmed that news Sunday after the Cincinnati Reds lost 8-0 to the Milwaukee Brewers at Great American Ball Park.

“No timetable to speak of yet,” Bell said, “but after seeing him today, it made sense to put him on the IL.”

Lorenzen suffered the injury in a 7-4, 11-inning loss to the Brewers on Saturday. After pitching a scoreless eighth inning — his first appearance on the mound in the big leagues this season after four rehab appearances in the minor leagues — he stayed in the game as an outfielder and was injured running the bases in the 10th.

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“I just hope to bounce back as quickly as possible and just get back out there on the field and play some baseball,” Lorenzen said. “When it first happened, I couldn’t believe it. I was just trying to make it home and touch home plate. Then once I got to the training room, I thought for sure that it was pretty bad. After just taking a couple seconds to sit there and allow it to cool down a little bit, I went to more of an optimistic mindset of we can get through this.”

Bell took responsibility for Lorenzen’s injury, saying after the game Saturday he put Lorenzen in the situation and he wasn’t ready for it. Lorenzen talked to Bell and reassured him that he made the right move despite the result.

“We’re not going to change anything with how we go about it,” Lorenzen said. “Sometimes this stuff happens. I went to bed feeling just fine. I wouldn’t have changed a thing about it. I just need to keep hydrating. I think the humidity here is just different. You lose a ton of fluids. I didn’t really even have time to think about drinking water and stuff like that with going to the outfield and then coming in hitting third and then going back to center field and then running. It didn’t even cross my mind to consume more and more fluids, so that’s that’s kind of on me.”

Lorenzen spent the first half of the season on the injured list with a strained right shoulder. He doesn’t know how much time he’ll miss with this injury.

“I‘ve never dealt with anything like this before,” he said. “So I have no idea how it’s gonna bounce back. The reason why I do take care of myself as well as I do is when injuries do occur my body responds well to the treatment. So I’m hoping that my body responds really well, and we’re able to bounce back quickly. What quickly means, I have no idea.”

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