Here are some more potential changes coming to college basketball recruiting, the draft and more

More than two months after an independent commission issued numerous recommendations for reforms to NCAA basketball, the efforts to reshape the recruiting calendar are continuing.

National basketball reporter Jeff Goodman shared some of the changes being considered Friday.

A common theme is creating new recruiting evaluation periods and events that would be more closely associated with high school teams than AAU squads.

As part of this effort, regional camps could be created for highly regarded high school prospects.

The thinking is college coaches could evaluate recruits there rather than at AAU events throughout the summer.

Additionally, there is a proposal for elite prospects (but not all prospects) to be able to hire an agent prior to their senior year of high school.

Later on, players who enter the NBA draft could be allowed to return to school and be eligible to play if they aren’t drafted. (This was also proposed in the independent commission’s report in April.)

The enforcement of NCAA rules could be handled differently, too, and ther could be stiffer penalties for cheaters.

None of these items have been officially adopted yet, but it is clear the future won’t look like the present.

That much was clear to Dayton coach Anthony Grant during an interview in late June.

“I can’t speak for governing body or NCAA in terms of what changes will be made, but I expect there will be some changes coming and as always as a coach and a program and part of the organization you adapt,” Grant said. “So I think we’ll all adapt to whatever changes are coming.”

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