Did you see this proposed Reds-Indians trade?

In case you missed it, Jim Bowden suggested a trade between the Reds and Indians that won’t happen.

Writing for The Athletic, the former Reds general manager proposed an in-state swap of two elite relievers for two elite prospects.

3. Indians acquire Raisel Iglesias and Amir Garrett from the Cincinnati Reds for Francisco Mejia and Shane Bieber

The Indians have the starting pitching, offense and defense to win the World Series. However, what they're lacking is quality bullpen depth in front of closer Cody Allen and set-up reliever Andrew Miller (when he's healthy). The Indians need to trade for a couple relievers if they want to win the World Series. The Indians' window to win is right now and they'll have to pay a huge price for that opportunity. Trading top hitting prospect Mejia, who would play left field for the Reds immediately, and right-handed pitcher Bieber, who would immediately go into the Reds' rotation, would be painful for Cleveland.

And stupid for Cincinnati.

First and foremost, this is a reminder why Jim Bowden isn’t employed by a team as a general manager.

However high the ceilings of these two prospects might be — and MLB.com rates Bieber as a potential No. 4 starter while noting Mejia isn't actually an outfielder — this is not a sufficient return for two young pitchers with great arms who are having success in the majors and are not close to free agency.

One? Maybe then we can talk, but both? Get real.

Of course, the Indians already know this.

Just two years ago they traded four players for stud lefty reliever Andrew Miller, who is probably the fully-developed version of Amir Garrett.

That package included top-100 prospects Justus Sheffield and Clint Frazier.

But it’s something to talk about I guess.

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