DeShone Kizer staying level headed through struggles

Rookie DeShone Kizer, statistically and via the eye test, might be the worst quarterback in the league. He’s trying to stay optimistic while his team has slumped to a winless first month.

"When you are 0-4 and statistically one of the worst quarterbacks out there right now, you have to figure out where you are headed," Kizer said. "What is the path right now? What is the message? For me, it is about doing whatever I can to grow in whatever Coach [Hue Jackson] decides needs to be the right room for growth for that week.

“In the last couple weeks, we were talking about trying not to hold onto the ball and make sure that we are throwing the ball away and not taking sacks. We made progress in that. This week, it is about putting the ball in playmakers hands and trying to go score points so we can go win a game. Now, it is up to me to do whatever I can this week to grow in that. Obviously, this is going to be a process.”

Kizer is right in that he’s holding the ball too long. But an expensive Cleveland offensive line hasn’t come together either and Kizer’s weapons are anything but dangerous.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I am looking forward to attacking this consistently and taking on those small projects until it becomes something that we really want it to be,” he said.

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