Franklin coach Brad Childers speaks to his team after a recent practice at the school. RICK CASSANO/STAFF

Childers family is a bit conflicted during Edgewood-Franklin week

Franklin coach Brad Childers considers himself to be a Wildcat through and through, but he’s a 1992 Edgewood graduate. His brother Rocky also went to Edgewood, but transferred to Franklin and graduated from there in 1995.

Rocky lives in Middletown and has sons open-enrolled at Edgewood (junior defensive tackle Gavin) and Franklin (seventh-grade quarterback Brock). Brock is also a Wildcat ball boy.

“On Wednesday, my brother and my sister-in-law will be wearing Franklin gear at Edgewood’s stadium supporting our seventh-grade team,” Brad said. “On Friday, they’ll be wearing Edgewood gear on the Edgewood side supporting Edgewood.”

Edgewood coach Scott Clemmons has some ties in this rivalry as well. He’s younger than Brad, but they played one season together in the Edgewood offensive backfield.

“And my brother played with Brad too. They were great friends,” Clemmons said. “I’ve known Brad since I was 4 or 5 years old. I was a sophomore when they were seniors.”

Brad said he doesn’t own much Cougar blue these days. Red and black have been his colors since coming to Franklin more than two decades ago.

“I’ve been here longer than I was at Edgewood,” Brad said. “It’s a serious bragging rights weekend. And our mom is stuck in the middle.”