Bengals Controversy: Is Burfict a bother, or is the team keeping it together?

For all the fuss about linebacker Vontaze Burfict going low to tackle running back Giovanni Bernard, during Tuesday's practice, there was evidence that the Bengals may be forming solid chemistry, that magical and fleeting element essential to winning football teams and which avoids the Bengals like fish avoid dry land.

While Bengals players have not been active on social media since training camp began Friday, running back Jeremy Hill contradicted suggestions of tension in camp.

He fetched some prompt fan reaction, too:

🐯 (@lovinhiswife) August 1, 2017
😎😂🤣— Nik Riehle (@NikRiehle) August 1, 2017

For all the eraser attempts, Burfict was in the middle of the mess frequently Tuesday, and while he’s at times the second best player on the defense, knowing whether he’s going to make a big play or a big penalty is a guessing game.

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