Athlete of the Week: Jordan Stanley, Lakota East High School

Name: Jordan Stanley

School: Lakota East High School

Sport: Basketball

Class: Junior

Age: 16

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Claim to fame: Versatile scorer

Bet you didn’t know: I was a cheerleader for 6 years

Toughest opponent/why: Lakota West because they apply a lot of pressure

Favorite book: The Longest Ride

Favorite movie: High School Musical 2

Favorite TV show: CSI Miami

Favorite musical artist: Migos

Favorite pro athlete/why: Stephen Curry, because he is a good shooter and player

Favorite smell: Vanilla

Favorite home-cooked meal: Mac and cheese

Game-day rituals: Eat a Jimmy John’s sandwich and listen to music

Person who would play me in a movie/why: Zendaya because people say she looks like me

Words you live by: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13)

Biggest influence/why: My parents, because they push me every day to be the best person and player I can be

I am most annoyed by: People who click their pens

I can’t live without: My family

Most embarrassing moment: I was riding my bike down the driveway and ran into my mom’s car and broke her mirror

In 10 years, I’ll be: A mechanical engineer working in Virgina

Best thing about basketball: All of the opportunities you get to experience

Worst thing about basketball: All of the sacrifices you have to make

Vegetable I just won’t eat: Peas

Favorite junk food: Oreos

Favorite school subject: Math

Last DVD or video game I bought: NBA 2K18

Person whose brain you’d like to pick: Steve Jobs

Love to trade places for a day with: Ayesha Curry

When I’m bored, I like to: Watch TV and go outside and play basketball with my siblings

Worst habit: Biting my nails

On your bedroom walls: I have Bible quotes, pictures with friends, and basketball pictures of myself and team

Talent I’d most like to have: Singing

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