2016 Presidential candidates might inspire Barkley to stay home

Charles Barkley sounds as thrilled about the state of the 2016 Presidential election as much of the rest of the country. 

“It’s very frustrating for me,” the retired NBA superstar and current TV analyst told CNN. “I’m very disappointed for the American people.”

Barkley, who expressed support for Ohio Gov. John Kasich during the primary season, went on to say, “Because let’s be realistic: It’s not gonna have an effect on my life who wins the presidency, but I feel bad for hard-working people.”

The Alabama native and current Arizona resident went on to say while he has always voted Democrat, Hillary Clinton might not get his vote.

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He has already ruled out voting for Republican nominee Donald Trump, so he might just sit it out this time around.

“I’m having a hard time pulling the trigger for her,” he said.

“Right now I haven’t made a decision if I’ll vote or not. If I vote, I’m gonna vote Democratic, but there’s just something about her that makes me uncomfortable.

“And clearly I can’t vote for the other guy.”

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Barkley called Trump ‘divisive” and expressed concern about his desire to build a wall between the United States and Mexico as well as some of Trump’s rhetoric about illegal immigrants and Muslims.

“Every ethnic group got some fools, but to label all the Muslims the same with a blanket as terrorists, I think that’s disrespectful,” Barkley said.

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