A Skyline Chili and White Castle love affair! Dayton men live out elusive food fantasy

Dayton man: “like a Hobbit in the Shire, for second dinner I had White Castle and Skyline together.”

Chris Thompson and Gus Stathes dreamed it, and they did it.

What was just the dream of two guys passing an exit with both a White Castle AND Skyline Chili has resulted in the wedding of the century for fans of the two iconic Ohio fast food chains.

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A White Castle slider and Skyline Chili together in their mouths at once.

The dream started a while ago during the Dayton men's runs in Chris' truck to Hoof Hearted Brewing to pick up beer for Ollie's Place in Washington Twp.

At the time, Gus was Ollie’s general manager and beer curator.

Chris, an “honorary employee” whereever Gus works, went with him on several runs to the beer brewery near Columbus.

“If I recall correctly, there’s one particular exit that has both a White Castle and a Skyline at it,” Chris, an employee of Stratacache in downtown Dayton, said.

“It’s no big mystery that both of those places are magical by themselves, and it’s also no big mystery that both Gus and I hate our bodies and love terrible diets.”

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The friends kept talking about stopping at that magical exit, but never got around to “pulling the trigger” on the dream of marrying Cincinnati-based Skyline and Columbus-based White Castle in their respective tum tums, Chris said.

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Time passed, but like unicorn tattoos, the Skyline and White Castle dream of little boys and girls everywhere did not.

Chris took a solo dive into history in October of 2017.

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He explained in a Facebook message to this news organization:  

“So one night, when for some reason both the wife and kid were out of the house, I had the itch to live out a bachelor dream. I picked up a bottle of wine (Rose All Day), some fresh White Castle Sliders and some Skyline Chili.”

To say that Chris enjoyed the experience would be an understatement.

“Let's just say, that if there was a White Castle and Skyline chili right next to each other here in Dayton, I'd probably weigh about 400 pounds,” he said. “It was absolutely fantastic. I think I immediately texted Gus about it, insisting he try it ASAP.”

Gus’ dream was deferred, but like Christmas wishes, White Castle/Skyline dreams do come true.

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Nearly a year to the date that Chris walked a White Castle slider and Skyline Chili down the aisle that is his intestines,  Cupid shot his arrow into Gus’ belly.

He recalled the triumph day fondly:

“I finally got to try it when my super awesome wife (Sara) brought me home a surprise Crave Case after a weekend trip to Tennessee. My stepdaughter was itching for Skyline after hockey practice the next day, so we ate that for dinner. Remembering I had backup sliders at home, I ordered a pint of chili to go, and like a Hobbit in the Shire, for second dinner I had White Castle and Skyline together.”

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Gus, now the co-owner of Barrel House, posted a photo of the union to his Facebook page in October.

Since this weekend, the photo has been shared hundreds of time on Facebook.  Some posts credited to Stathes, others do not. 

Would you try White Castle dipped in Skyline Chili? Let us know in the comments below: 

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