Did you know you can get free soup every single day at restaurant near UD?

Have you been missing out on the free soup?

Bibibop, a Korean-inspired restaurant chain located near the University of Dayton on Brown Street, actually offers free Miso soup every day the restaurant is open. The savory dish is kept warm in a kettle near the drinks station and is free for paying guests to enjoy in unlimited quantities.

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Miso soup is a protein-rich combination of dashi — a Japanese soup stock typically made from bonito flakes, kelp and anchovy — and miso, a fermented paste often made from soybeans. It's a familiar and comforting sight, taste and smell for many people, according to thedailymeal.com.

The Columbus-based restaurant has continuously expanded across the U.S. since it first came to the Dayton-area in 2016.

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Bibibop’s restaurants operate with a fast-casual, build-your-own service concept similar to Subway or Chipotle. Diners choose from purple or white rice for their bowl, or have their dish prepared as a salad or wrap, then select from two types of chicken, beef or tofu, and then top their dish with a variety of vegetables and garnishes, from pickled daikon radish to carrots to kale.

Bibibop is located at 1200 Brown St. in Dayton.

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