With a local woman on last night’s ‘Survivor,’ here’s how her fans celebrated

A large group of fans turned out last night at the Buffalo Wings and Rings in Mason to watch local mom and military veteran Angela Perkins compete in the CBS television series “Survivor.”

“Survivor: Ghost Island” was shot last summer in Fiji, and Perkins, 43, a military veteran who currently runs her own construction management company, watched the premiere with family and friends in New Jersey. She told this news outlet this morning that she was “thrilled to hear that local fans are excited” about her participating in the show.

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Buffalo Wings and Rings in Mason, 5517 Kings Center Drive, is going to be the site for Perkins’ fan club on Wednesday nights as “Survivor” episodes air this season.

“My thought about the premier - I have a bundle of mixed emotions,” Perkins said. “Extremely excited and slightly impatient to see how this adventure plays out.”

A manager at the restaurant said fans and staff were enthusiastic about the premiere and for Perkins, who plans on being there from 6 to 10 p.m. next Wednesday, March 7.

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