VIDEO: Coyote spotted near bus stop in Warren County

As the weather grows colder, coyotes are popping up in suburban areas of the Miami Valley.

Mother Tracy Lynn took the video above Thursday morning, after noticing a coyote roam around near her child’s bus stop in Warren County.

“So glad we decided to drive to the bus stop today, we both thought it was a dog at first!” she wrote on a local Facebook group.

The coyote was spotted on the corner of Oak and Church streets in Kings Mills, about ten minutes from Kings Mills Elementary.

A wildlife expert from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources said coyotes in the Miami Valley are common, but attacks are rare.

“If you see a coyote, make loud noises, make yourself appear big, hold your ground until the coyote leaves the area,” Brett Beatty said. “That provides some negative stimulus.”

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