Valais Blacknose in New Zealand may be the world's cutest sheep

Credit: Matt Cardy

Credit: Matt Cardy

These are some baaaa-d looking sheep. In a good way, of course.

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The Valais Blacknose sheep could be the cutest sheep in the world. They certainly look cuddly, sporting black faces, horns and knees, NewsHub reported. The shaggy white fleece gives the animals the appearance of a stuffed doll.

They are expected to make a splash at this year's New Zealand Agricultural Show, which will be held in Christchurch during mid-November.

"It would be fair enough to say they are going viral," Christine Reed told BNQT. "The Valais Blacknose New Zealand Facebook page now has over 11,000 followers and we have inquiries daily from all over the world to import them. They continue to be sought after in the U.K., and the breeding up program in the USA and soon in Canada is growing in popularity."

Breeders Sally and Lindsay Strathdee told NewsHub that the sheep's appearance is matched by their gentle demeanor, which is "more like dogs than sheep."

New Zealand is home to approximately 100 purebred Valais Blacknose sheep, NewsHub reported.

"They're an expensive hobby," Sally Strathdee told NewsHub. "Some people sink their money into jet boats, whereas we're investing in sheep."

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