Teen in Hamilton injured in apparent drive-by shooting

Credit: AP

Credit: AP

A teen was shot in the arm and calf early Friday morning in Hamilton and a citizen at a nearby fast food restaurant followed the suspected getaway vehicle.

The shooting happened about 2:28 a.m. in the 100 block of North Seventh Street, according to police reports. A caller reported hearing about five shots.

“I think a guy has been shot ... on the calf of his right leg,” a woman told a 911 dispatchers. The injured 17-year-old male can be heard in the background saying “my leg.” The teen was taken to an area hospital for treatment.

Witnesses said a car sped away after the shots were heard.

A 911 caller said they were following the vehicle “that just shot on High Street ... or where ever it was.”

The caller said they were at Taco Bell and saw “them.”

The suspect vehicle traveled on Ohio 129 going 85 miles per hour with lights off, according to the caller who was able to get a license plate number, according to the 911 call and the Butler County Sheriff’s office CAD report from the incident.

“He is flying. We can only see him when he hits his breaks,” the caller told dispatchers.

The CAD report indicates the suspect vehicle exited right on to the bypass and was heading toward Hamilton Mason Road.

Multiple shell casings were found on High Street, according to police.

According to Hamilton police, the suspect vehicle was located in a neighboring jurisdiction and “the investigation is ongoing.”

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