State audit: Fairfield Schools paid non-certified classroom aide


State audit: Fairfield Schools paid non-certified classroom aide

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An Ohio Auditor’s report released Feb. 23 found Fairfield Schools had employed a substitute educational aide who was not certified by the state to be in the district’s high school classrooms. Fairfield Schools paid the aide $5,624 during parts of the 2014-2015 school year. MICHAEL D. CLARK/STAFF

Fairfield Schools put a substitute aide into high school classrooms who was not certified by the state to be there, according to an audit released today by the Ohio Auditor Dave Yost.

Fairfield Schools paid Demarco Kinamore $5,624 for his work as a substitute educational aide in the Butler County district during his periodic employment with the schools from Oct. 8, 2014 through May 27, 2015.

Auditors learned Kinamore never obtained a state-required educational aide permit to allow him to work legally during his 95 school days at Fairfield High School.

He also worked for Winton Woods Schools in nothern Hamilton County.

Ohio law prohibits non-teaching employees from serving or being paid as educational assistants unless they first obtain an educational aide permit or educational paraprofessional license from the Ohio Department of Education.

“Requirements for educational staff ensure students are in capable hands,” according to a released statement from Yost. “I find it alarming that neither school district realized this individual wasn’t qualified to work in a classroom.”

Fairfield Schools’ Spokeswoman Gina Gentry-Fletcher said, “we will not be commenting on this matter at this time.”

A $5,624 audit finding for recovery was issued against Kinamore in favor of the district and school officials there are “jointly and severally liable for that amount,” according to Yost.

Kinamore also worked as substitute aide Winton Woods Schools, where he collected $19,003 in pay and benefits from 2012 to 2014.

The state also requires coaches of school sports to obtain coaching or pupil activity permits.

Kinamore worked as a freshman basketball coach at the Winton Woods district, although he never obtained the required permit. The district paid him $3,942 for coaching.

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