Red Door Community Concerts continue with pianist, oboe and cello players

Red Door Community Concerts at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church will return to Oxford at 12:15 p.m. Fri., Nov. 5. Three highly-accomplished musicians will perform together for the concert, including Andrea Ridilla (oboist) Sarah Kim (celloist) and Soojin Kim (pianist).

“It’s called ‘Red Door Community Concerts,’ because the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church has red doors, and red doors are the traditional color for episcopal church doors. So, everybody knows that the concerts are at Holy Trinity, because we have red doors and the logo for concert series is an abstract of our front door,” said Sarah Michael, chair of the arts committee at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church.

“We have a long tradition of doing concerts, but that lapsed in recent years’, and our arts committee was searching for something that would provide a release from all of the stress of COVID-19,” Michael said.

Michael said being able to share music and learn about different types of music during the concerts is a form of healing and solace, and a way to reconnect with people.

“During the pandemic last winter, we thought, ‘what a unique time to be able to offer concerts. Music is a universal language, and it’s known to help all kinds of stress, it improves memory, it treats mental illness, it lowers blood pressure, and COVID-19 brought an incredible sense of isolation and anxiety to everybody,” she said.

The first concert of the series was conducted last spring and it was only offered virtually. It was performed in the sanctuary of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Oxford, and it premiered on YouTube. Over 150 people watched the concert. The second concert in the series was Fri., Sept. 17, and it featured the Tammy Kernodle Jazz Trio with Tammy Kernodle on piano and vocals; Tanya Cox, bassist, and Robbie Wilson on percussion. The September concert was performed live to a live audience, but it was also offered on YouTube.

“Anybody unable to attend, or who is uncomfortable with an in-person setting for a concert can watch it on YouTube at their leisure, remotely. We wanted to offer it to a wide audience, and we wanted to be continuing Holy Trinity’s mission of good music and reaching out into the community, and these concerts were just a way to try to reconnect,” Michael said.

In addition to the Fri., Nov. 5 concert, there will be three more upcoming concerts. On Fri., Feb. 11, there will be a concert featuring Frank Huang, a world-class pianist; on Fri., April 1, an ensemble group from Cincinnati Men’s Chorus will perform, and on Fri., June 10, Organist David Castillo Gocher, a local lawyer and former organist at Holy Trinity, will perform. All concerts will begin at 12:15 p.m.

The concerts are free and open to the public. Masks are required. Michael said the concerts are made possible because of generous grants from Butler Rural Cooperative Community Connection, the Oxford Community Foundation, the Ohio Arts Council, and Matinee Musicale Cincinnati.

Concerts will be at 12:15 p.m. in the sanctuary at Holy Trinity. Holy Trinity Episcopal Church is located at 25 E. Walnut St. in Oxford. For more information, go to or get details on the church’s Facebook page. (Note: Classical Guitarist Tom Garcia was originally scheduled to perform a program of Latin American music on Fri., Nov. 5. However, he is unable to perform due to a recent hand injury he sustained while traveling.)

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