Presbyterian Church in Hamilton wins prize for autumn decorations

Usually when Ann Coombs presents awards at Hamilton City Council meetings for beautifully landscaped properties, the honors go to homeowners. But this month, another kind of property so impressed her that she decided to make an exception.

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Unlike other months of the year, Coombs during October presents her prizes to properties that have an autumn or Halloween theme. She kept with the theme again this year, but the winner of this year’s honor went to The Presbyterian Church at 23 S. Front St., in Hamilton’s downtown, just east of the High-Main bridge.

“I went by The Presbyterian Church on Front Street, and said, ‘Oh, this is it. If the mayor approves, I’m going to do it.’”

Mayor Pat Moeller concurred with the idea, so maintenance supervisor Rob Huffman, Pastor John Lewis and Sandy Sauerwein, who works in community outreach for the church, attended a recent council meeting to pick up the award.

Moeller called the decision “truly a no-brainer, during this fall season, and Rob does such a great job … That church always looks good,” he said.

Coombs said when she visited the church during her fact-finding mission to determine who should be invited to receive the award, a woman who worked there said, “I know you,” because she herself had previously won an award that Coombs presented.

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