Police: Woman arrested after declined credit card at hotel discovered as stolen

A woman was arrested after police were called to an Oxford hotel on a report she wouldn’t leave after having her credit card declined.

Police were called to the Elms Hotel at 6:30 p.m. on June 21 for a report of an unwanted guest, who had been asked to leave by 6 p.m. because the credit card used had been declined. Officers were asked to escort the two people off the property.

Several officers went to the third-floor room and met with a man and a woman outside of the elevator. The woman initially gave a false name but was identified. A check revealed several warrants for her through Oxford and Hamilton police departments. She was carrying four purses at the time and dragging a suitcase. The purses were placed on the floor while she was handcuffed. She was then escorted out of the hotel to a police vehicle.

The purses were secured by another officer and the suitcase given to the male who had been in the room with the woman.

Officers then discovered the credit card used to pay for the room had been in a purse reported stolen several days earlier during an Uptown event. One of the purses contained other property identifying it as belonging to the victim in that theft.

The woman was taken to the police department and interviewed, during which time, the purses were searched. A pink lockbox was discovered in one of them, containing two glass pipes consistent with the use of methamphetamine. It also contained a pill bottle with a white rock-like substance, suspected to be methamphetamine.

A red iPhone was also found, along with keys to two vehicles. A small blue vial was found containing blue pills suspected to be Xanax. All of the contents of the purses were placed into evidence.

After being interviewed, the woman was taken to the Butler County Jail on the warrants and several items sent for laboratory analysis with charges pending.

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