Police: Talawanda student charged after reported school threat

A Talawanda Middle School student faces an inducing panic charge after an alleged threat made earlier this month.

An officer working in uniform in the Talawanda Middle School building on Sept. 1 was notified by the school principal about a juvenile who had made a threat to an on-site social worker, saying he was going home to get a gun and shoot another student with whom he had an earlier altercation. The threat had allegedly been made earlier that day on school property.

The principal reported the offending student had been involved in an altercation with a student who reported the incident, resulting in expulsion of the student making the threat.

The school social worker said the student had said he was going home to get a gun and kill the other student.

The student was taken to the Juvenile Detention Center, where he denied saying he was going to kill the other student but was going to shoot up his house. He was charged with inducing panic.

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