Plan to enjoy a beer while strolling the streets in Hamilton? 5 rules to know about outdoor drinking program that starts TODAY

Today, Hamilton launches its Downtown Outdoor Refreshment Area program, in which people will be able to stroll the downtown and Main Street areas with adult beverages that are bought from participating businesses.

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Here are 5 things to know about the program:

1. Your drink must be in an official Hamilton DORA cup

Specially-printed DORA cups will cost $1 at most businesses.

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2. Pay attention to signs at businesses

Some stores already have decals on their front doors telling people whether DORA drinkers are welcome.

Decals that say, “DORA Beverages Welcome” mean you can take your adult beverage into the business.

Other decals say “Please No DORA Beverages,” or for businesses that sell adult drinks, “DORA Sold Here.”

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3. Stay inside the DORA boundaries

Participants must remain within designated drinking areas — which are marked by signs — in the downtown, Main Street and German Village areas.

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4. The DORA has specific operating hours

The DORA program will run noon to midnight every day of the week, beginning today, May 3.

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5. Here’s where you can buy your DORA cup

Some of the establishments that are participating include: Municipal Brew Works; Basil 1791; Plaza One Grille; Quarter Barrel Brewery & Pub; and Richard’s Pizza.

Pending establishments include Neal’s BBQ and North Second Tap & Bottle Shop.

Two other organizations, Fitton Center for Creative Arts and Monkey’s Mutual Aid Society, will sometimes participate during special events that will be posted.

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