Nicc and Norm’s Tavern celebrates a year in Hamilton

After some delays, Nicc and Norm’s Sidecar Bar expected to open before the end of the year.

Nicc and Norm’s Tavern is celebrating its one-year anniversary, which is on Aug. 1, and the owners still plan to open a second establishment later this year — a speakeasy and prohibition-style bar and restaurant.

“It’s a pretty amazing thing,” owner Nicc Meece said about being open for a year at 1483 Millville Ave. “We’re very excited because we feel like we got our name out there, and people have been able to come and see what we’re doing here locally, and they know that we’re a good establishment that people feel safe and comfortable.”

Hamilton is a special place for Meece, not just that her family’s from the city, but also because the Norm in Nicc and Norm’s is a tribute to her dad, Norm Mize, who died a couple of years ago. He used to run a bar, and ride a Harley-Davidson. (There was a raffle this past Saturday for a Super Glide motorcycle at their anniversary party).

“So a lot of this stuff is kind of associated with my dad, but all my family is based here,” she said. “I’ve been here since I’ve been 15, and it’s a great community and network that’s been here.”

Hopefully, by the end of the year, Meece said she can get her second establishment up and running, Nicc and Norm’s Sidecar Bar at 221 S. B St. They had plans to open before now, but there were construction delays for various reasons, including supply chain issues.

“We would have thought maybe by the fall,” she said of the opening, “but it depends on how quickly everything’s going. We’re down to metal fabrications.”

The metal fabrication is for the roof and as soon as that roof gets on, Meece said, “we actually have pretty much everything else set and ready to go. That’s kind of been the ongoing problem for about three months.”

There are also issues that come with an old building. The Sidecar Bar will be at a two-story 1859-built home with nearly 2,200 square feet inside the original house.

“This was such an old building, and we’ve had to do several revisions,” Meece said. “Because once you have the engineers want it one way and then the contractors come in and say it needs to be done another way, conversations need to happen.”

South B Street establishment does have a new addition in the back of the property, and will have outdoor seating.

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