New dog license program in Butler County enhances ability to find lost pets, adds customization

Every DocuPet tag is equipped with the free HomeSafe™ 24/7 lost pet service.

In an effort to streamline the process and get compliance up, the Butler County Auditor’s Office is partnering with DocuPet to administer its licensing program.

Auditor Nancy Nix said the partnership, beginning with 2024 licenses, will simplify and improve the dog licensing process to benefit not only dog owners but Animal Friends Humane Society and county dog wardens that received funding from the sales.

“We’re excited to partner with DocuPet this year,” Nix said. “They offer customizable licenses and a 24-hour HomeSafe lost pet service. We’re hoping to reduce the number of animals in our shelter and open up space and resources for pets needing more care.”

The 2024 licenses are now on sale and the licensing renewal period runs through Jan. 31. Dog licenses are $14 each and are valid for a year. A three-year license, $42, and a permanent license, $140, are also available.

Residents can browse hundreds of colorful and unique designer tag styles online or design their own tag with an easy-to-use customization tool. Every DocuPet tag is equipped with the free HomeSafe™ 24/7 lost pet service and it may double as a pet’s ID tag.

DocuPet’s dedicated dispatch staff is available to reunite lost pets with their families around the clock. When tags arrive in the mail, look for the blue DocuPet logo on the envelope.

“We are very proud to kick off this effective program with the Butler County Auditor to increase pet identification and reunification services for all residents,” said Grant Goodwin, DocuPet’s CEO. “Pets wearing DocuPet tags spend little to no time in the shelter versus unlicensed pets.”

Dog licenses can be purchased online at The DocuPet site accepts credit cards or Visa/MasterCard debit cards.

Nix said Wayne and Clermont counties are also partnering with DocuPet.

With the old system, the office was sending out a new tag every year. With the DocuPet partnership they will send the tag, and it has “all the bells and and whistles.” But people will not be getting a new tag every year, they will just be renewing the license, according to Nix.

DocuPet will also send notifications to dog owners reminding of renewals “way more than we can do here,” Nix said, noting it is time consuming for the staff.

“It will save our staff a ton of time and we are very hopeful it will increase compliance that has been declining in recent years and be a better experience for dog owners.”

DocuPet is also provided its service to the county free for five years, according to the auditor.

Nix said is the outsourcing has meant a reduction in the staff by one person through attrition.

Pet licensing is mandatory for dogs in Ohio. With the announcement of this new partnership, DocuPet and the Auditor’s Office hope to increase compliance among pet owners. A license must purchased by Jan. 31, 2024 before a $14 penalty is applied, per state law.

Dog tags can be purchased in person at Ace Hardware in Liberty Twp., Al-Joe’s Pet and Garden in Hamilton and Animal Friends Humane Society in Hamilton.

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