New boutique moves from woman’s home into historic building in Oxford

An off-hand question by her daughter seven years ago led Gini Maddocks to start a business which has operated out of her home until this summer.

Now, she has her residence, her massage therapy business and her new SnaZZy Boutique all in one of Oxford’s historic buildings.

“It all started when my daughter, who was looking in my closet, asked me, “Do you think that you are a hoarder, Mom?’” Maddocks said. “Oh dear. Am I, I wondered? I gave it some real consideration and realized, that my passion is in ‘the find’ and the magic of putting things together to make outfits and cool combos, but you know what? I could sell them and feel just fine.”

That started what she then named SnaZZy Threads, which operated as a once-a-month pop-up shop, which she described as going on “among friends” for seven years with her as proprietor and an avid clothing shopper.

“After seven years, it was bursting at the seams so I took it out of the closet and into a brick and mortar shop, renaming it SnaZZy Boutique because I decided to expand it to include local artisans’ crafts and artwork as well as the clothing and accessories I had collected,” she said.

Maddocks lives in the building at at 211 South Elm Street and has operated her massage business there but another massage therapist moved out and she took advantage by moving into that space as well to open SnaZZy Boutique.

Operation of the new business is curtailed by the cornoavirus pandemic, so hours are limited and Maddocks is scheduling by appointment.

She is combining technology into the store’s operation, as well, with videos highlighting fashion tips. One such video has Judi Nelson demonstrating ways to tie scarves and she is planning one on how fashion styles are influenced by politics and war. As an example, she cited how hemlines rose up in order to conserve fabric for soldiers’ uniforms.

Maddocks hopes to fill the void created by the pandemic which has closed down the craft fairs which are held this time of year offering a variety of holiday gift ideas. She sees SnaZZy Boutique as being a year-round outlet for some local vendors who have a wide array of offerings.

The list of vendors is already at more than a dozen and is growing.

Maddocks is having fun with her new business shown in a description in which she declares, “SnaZZy Boutique is a place where you can be yourself – it’s like playing in your best friend’s closet,” adding another, “Dress the way that you want to feel.”

SnaZZy Boutique is located in the Junction House, which she describes as a charming building dating from the mid-1860s and is believed to have housed the builders of the railroad which is just across the street on South Elm.

The hours are Wednesdays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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