Squirrel flies like a ‘wrecking ball’ to reach bird feeder

Credit: Photo by Matt Cardy, Getty Images

Credit: Photo by Matt Cardy, Getty Images

A squirrel's impressive stunt to reach a bird feeder is captivating the internet.

YouTube user Lindsey Jackson posted a video of a hungry squirrel making his way down the pole for a hanging bird feeder. When the squirrel leaned over to reach it, the bird feeder started spinning.

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Jackson posted the video in slow motion, set to Miley Cyrus' hit song, "Wrecking Ball."

According to Mashable, this type of bird feeder is motorized and weight activated. It spins unwanted squirrels around the base until they lose their grip.

It is called the "Yankee Flipper" and is a popular trending video on YouTube.

The video was posted in late April, but started trending Friday after it was shared by Twitter user Gabrielle Geno.

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