Middletown police searching for man who may have died in vacant home


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Middletown police are searching for a man who may have overdosed and died in a vacant home.

Police were told on Thursday that Kelly Lawson, at large, has been missing since Feb. 1, and several people told police that Lawson may be dead in a vacant Middletown home.

Lawson’s friends said he borrowed $200 to buy heroin on Feb. 1 and they haven’t seen him since.

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Police searched several vacant residences in the city, and while checking a home on Clark Street, they found two men living there. The men told police they had lived in the home for a few days after they were released from the City Jail.

The men said they didn’t know Lawson, but police found a pill bottle with Lawson’s name on it in one of home’s rooms.

The two men — Jerimiah Lucas and Jason Whisman — have been charged with breaking and entering.

When police searched Lucas’ backpack they found three more pill bottles with Lawson’s name on them.

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