Miami reports fewest new student coronavirus cases in latest update

Miami University reported three new student coronavirus cases on Tuesday, which was the lowest amount since the school began tracking cases.

The school has seen 1,288 total student cases since Aug. 17, but it reported seven, 17 and three cases in the past three days. Miami updated its coronavirus dashboard on Tuesday to also include the number of recoveries from coronavirus and a chart of case data.

The new data show 249 student recoveries from coronavirus on Monday and 45 on Tuesday, with 599 recoveries out of the 1,288 cases.

That update comes a day after Miami began moving students back onto its campus with cars lined up to do student screenings and testing. In-person classes are scheduled to begin on Monday.

The drop in cases also comes a week after Miami made national news for a student-held party that included multiple attendees who said they had tested positive and were supposed to be in quarantine. Because Oxford police officers have body cams, national news shows and digital outlets showed the surprised of the officers in finding out the student host said everyone at the gathering had tested positive.

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