Man rescued from quicksand at Zion National Park

Credit: USA-Reiseblogger/Pixabay

Credit: USA-Reiseblogger/Pixabay

Rescue crews in Utah spent hours in a snowstorm rescuing a man who was stuck in quicksand at Zion National Park, KUTV reported.

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Dispatchers received a report Saturday of a 34-year-old Arizona man who got his leg stuck in quicksand, KNXV reported. The man was accompanied by a woman in the park, KUTV reported.

"He was located approximately 3 hours up the Left Fork of the North Creek, also known as The Subway route from bottom-up," national park spokeswoman Aly Baltrus said in a news release. "His leg was buried up to his knee and he was unable to free himself. He had hiked the Left Fork Trail with a companion, also from Arizona, when he became stuck. He and his companion tried to free his leg and were unsuccessful. His companion left him with warm gear and clothing and hiked to call for help. It was approximately three hours until she got cell phone service and was able to call 911."

A rescue crew found the woman, who was showing signs of hypothermia, and then located the man in the middle of a creek, KNXV reported.

It took two hours to free the man, KUTV reported. Because it was late and conditions were poor, the group was forced to spend the night in the area as 4 inches of snow fell in frigid weather, the television station reported.

"The next morning, the Utah DPS helicopter responded from Salt Lake City," Baltrus said in the national park's news release. "The ongoing winter storms in the area decreased visibility for aircraft all morning. Only after a small break in the weather occurred in the afternoon, was the DPS helicopter able to safely extricate the patient with a hoist rescue operation. The patient was transported to an awaiting ambulance and transported to the hospital."

The two Arizona residents are expected to recover, KUTV reported.

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