Man arrested after allegedly punching Oxford bar bouncer in the face

A 20-year-old man was charged with two offenses after a fight in the alley behind CJ’s bar during which he was accused of hitting a bouncer in the face, according to an Oxford police report.

The responding police officer was told which of two men yelling at bar employees had been the one to hit the bouncer, and he was detained just before midnight on March 16, according to the report.

He was later identified as Michael Moriarity, 20. He gave the officer permission to remove his wallet from a rear pocket. It contained a valid New Jersey license confirming his age, but there was also a fictitious Missouri license, and Moriarty was taken into custody.

He was described as having a strong odor of alcoholic beverage on his breath, with slurred speech and unsteady on his feet.

At the police station, he admitted having had a couple drinks at a house before going to the bar but said he was unaware where the fictitious ID came from or how it got into his wallet.

Moriarity was charged with offenses involving underage persons and prohibited acts. The bar employee declined to pursue charges for assault.

Moriarity was taken to the Butler County Jail, making racial and insulting comments to the officer during the transport, according to the report.

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