Who’s responsible for a fall on the ice- or snow-covered sidewalk at your home?

Who’s responsible if someone suffers an injury after falling on slippery sidewalks or steps of a home that have not been cleaned of ice or snow?

The answer: It depends on how the ice got there.

“Under Ohio Law, we have the natural accumulation of snow and ice rule,” Seth Schanher, an attorney with Dyer, Garofalo Mann & Schultz, told News Center 7’s Malik Perkins on Tuesday.

“This means if it is snowing and ice forms, and someone slips and falls, there is really no liability on the property owner.”

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But Schanher said there are situations for which homeowners could be accountable.

If there is unnatural accumulation, such as ice forming from a leaking gutter or in a way that did not result from normal weather, a homeowner could be responsible if someone suffers an injury.

These two situations apply to both the sidewalks in front of your home and the steps on your property.

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