Male described in 9-1-1 call as ‘acting crazy’ is stabbed at Dayton apartment



UPDATE @ 6:48 p.m.: A male reportedly was stabbed at a residence on Lakebend Drive in Dayton after a female caller to 9-1-1 said he was "acting crazy" and scaring her children.

The woman, in a 9-1-1 recording obtained by News Center 7, told the emergency dispatcher the male is a friend of her brother’s who would not leave the residence and was “acting crazy.”

She can be heard in the background, arguing with the male she said appeared to be intoxicated.

“I’m about to stab him!” she said. “I feel threatened.”

She told the dispatcher the male was “torturing” and scaring her children.

There is no word on the male’s condition.

Police officers at the residence declined to comment on their investigation.


At least one person has been taken to a hospital from a reported stabbing at a residence in the 3700 block of Lakebend Drive in Dayton.

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The person injured suffered a back wound and was taken to Grandview Medical Center, according to a Montgomery County Regional Dispatch sergeant.

Police and a medic unit were dispatched to an apartment on Lakebend Drive just before 6 p.m. on the report.

We're working to find out if anyone was taken into custody. Stay with for breaking news.

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