Richmond school shooting: What we know now

Indiana State Police report that a possible mass shooting was avoided this morning when law enforcement responded quickly to a tip that someone was threatening to shoot up an intermediate school in Richmond, Indiana.

The incident ended with the death of 14-year-old Brandon Clegg by an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

What we know now

  • Richmond police received a tip around 8 a.m. about a "potential violent act" at Dennis Intermediate School.
  • All 16 Richmond Community Schools buildings, including Dennis, were placed on lockdown, meaning no one was allowed to enter or leave the school buildings.
  • Brandon Clegg, who was not a student at the school, showed up at Dennis at the same time law enforcement arrived
  • Despite the lockdown, Clegg got inside the school building by shooting out the door's window glass.
  • Officers followed the him inside and cornered him in a stairwell, where they exchanged gunfire.
  • Clegg was reported dead by apparent suicide with a gun. No students or law enforcement were reported injured.
  • By 10 a.m., the district reported that normal operations had resumed in the district's other schools.
  • Parents were advised to pick up Dennis students at the Civic Hall Performing Arts Center on Richmond High School's campus
  • Indiana State Police made entry this afternoon at the teen's home in the 100 block of Southwest 16th Street, where neighbors reported they seized computers, gun boxes and other items.
  • Dennis Intermediate School will not have classes Friday or Monday
  • Dennis Intermediate, 222 NW Seventh St., serves students in fifth through eighth grades. It is one of three middle schools in Richmond Community Schools, which has an enrollment of 4,879

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