Be prepared to pay more this season for that Christmas tree - fresh cut or fake

You're likely to pay more for your Christmas tree this season -- whether it's real or artificial.

Most area businesses answering the National Christmas Tree Association survey report that trees have risen in prices this season.

Consumers paid $78 (on average) for a real tree in 2018, according to the association, while those who opted for fake trees spent $104 on average.

According to national reports, Christmas tree prices have more than doubled in the last 10 years.

Crystal Kirkwood, an assistant manager at an area Lowe's, told News Center 7's Ronnell Hunt a lot of artificial trees come with options.

You can choose from different colors. Some of them play music," she said.

For some consumers, the cost isn't the biggest factor: It's the ease of setting up and breaking down the tree that gets the most attention.

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