Preble County sheriff says murder-suicide ‘tragic all around’

Preble County Sheriff Mike Simpson said a murder-suicide in Lakengren over the weekend is “tragic all around,” adding that the two families involved have a lot of healing to do.

Bradley and Susan Creech were found dead in their home on West Lakengren Drive.

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Deputies said Susan shot Bradley before turning the gun on herself inside the house.

Investigators said they first came to the house on Saturday after Bradley’s brother asked them to check on him, because he didn’t show up for work.

Deputies said the family said it was unusual behavior, even in the middle of a snowstorm.

“There’s some history there,” Simpson said, but would not elaborate on the details because it’s part of their investigation. “I think we’ve got a fairly decent idea of what may have been going on a few days up to the point of Saturday. So, we’re pretty confident of what happened and probably why it happened.”

Simpson did say the department would classify what happened as a domestic argument and will eventually have the Preble County Prosecutor’s Office review the case.

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