Suspicious package at downtown Dayton RTA hub prompts call to bomb squad

UPDATED @ 6:21 p.m.: The Dayton Bomb Squad investigated, then disposed of a suspicious package that caused the evacuation of the downtown RTA hub Monday morning and disrupted travel for several hours.

>> Police sweep both RTA hubs after threat note found on bus

Officials responded to South Jefferson Street, near the RTA hub, about 8:30 a.m.


The suspicious package, described by police as a suitcase, was located in a parking garage adjacent to the RTA hub, according to a statement from RTA.

Police said the bomb squad did not use explosives on the package.

News Center 7 video from the scene included audio of a loud boom during what officers called a “remote opening procedure.”

RTA officials were notified of the incident by officers who work at the hub in the mornings, said Mark Donaghy, RTA CEO.


Police described the package as a suitcase.

With the hub closed, passengers were loading and unloading buses at Main and Third streets while the bomb squad investigated and disposed of the package. The hub reopened by about 11:15 a.m.

“We have a lot of new bus drivers that don’t remember what buses were like at the intersection of Third and Main, but the customers knew exactly where they needed to be to go north or south,” Donaghy said.

During the investigation, police closed South Jefferson Street between East Second and East Fourth streets. East Third Street was blocked between South Main and South St. Clair streets.

“Whoever this is needs to be locked up for sure,” said Shannon George, an RTA passenger. “Something needs to happen to them (the suspect). They’re putting a lot of people out.”

The package contained old electronics equipment, officials later said.

Monday’s incident was the second significant investigation at the downtown hub this month. On Nov. 14, police swept both the downtown RTA hub and the Miami Twp. hub after a threatening note was found on a bus.


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