Milford man dies attempting to steal copper from Moraine business

UPDATE @ 1:10 p.m.

The burglary suspect killed in Moraine is identified as Daniel Dean, 22, of Milford, Ohio. There’s no preliminary cause and manner of death yet, but police say it’s likely electrocution.

UPDATE @8:25 a.m.

Police officials said a man is dead after he was electrocuted while trying to steal copper from a Moraine business.

A man and woman were inside the No Ones Car Lot attempting to steal copper, police said. The woman was able to get the man to a car and was taking him to the hospital when they were stopped by Kettering police for speeding.

The man had already died, police said.

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Police are working to talk to the owner of the vehicle that was used in the break-in, along with the woman involved.

This story will be updated as additional information becomes available.


A person is dead and police are working to determine if the death is connected to a break-in at a Moraine business.

Police said someone dropped off a person at Kettering Hospital, and that person died. The person who dropped off the deceased said they were in the area of Dorothy Lane in Moraine.

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Police responding to the area found evidence of a break-in at the No Ones Car Lot in the 2200 block of West Dorothy Lane.

The business owner told our news crew there is evidence someone got electrocuted inside.

We are working to gather additional details.

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