Prosecutors decline charges against mother who hit girl, 13, with baseball bat

UPDATE 6:01 p.m. (July 30): The Dayton Police Department issued the following statement abut the case accusing Latasha McClesky of hitting a 13-year-old girl with a baseball bat:

“The case was presented to both the county prosecutor’s office as well as the city prosecutor’s office, however neither approved charges,” department officials said in the statement relayed by Cara Zinski-Neace, a department spokeswoman.

Dayton detectives will continue to look for evidence to potentially pursue charges in the future, department officials said in the statement.


The mother of the girl that was hit by the baseball bat said the woman in the video, Latasha McClesky, 33, was the one bullying her daughter.

McClesky is now saying she only wanted to protect her family after she saw a 13-year-old girl was bullying her and her daughter for days asking for a fight.

“Have your kids fight me, I said no, I said my kids not about to fight you, I’m not about to fight you, I said can you please leave and leave us alone,” said McClesky.

Shortly after, the girl grabbed McClesky’s daughter, and that’s when the baseball bat was used.

“I striked her with the bat. That’s clear but my intention was not to even hit her,” McClesky said.

“I literally begged and pleaded, begged and pleaded for her to leave us alone,” she continued.

It is unknown if any charges will be filed, but McClesky says, “if it is, I’ll just have to face the charges.”

“My only reaction was to help my daughter,” said McClesky, who plans to file a restraining order against Knight and her daughter.

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