Monroe council member serves though offices, antique business, jewelry business

Monroe resident, Christina (Holland) McElfresh, of Sibcy Cline Monroe/Middletown brokerage. CONTRIBUTED

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Monroe resident, Christina (Holland) McElfresh, of Sibcy Cline Monroe/Middletown brokerage. CONTRIBUTED

Christina McElfresh wears many hats that affect Monroe and communities throughout the region.

While serving Monroe on the city council and as president of he Monroe Historical Society and Rotary, she also follows her passions on a local Realtor and owner of an antiques business in Montgomery County.

She follows those passions in multiple ways. She received her real estate license in November 2009 and joined the Sibcy Cline Monroe/Middletown brokerage.

“For fun, when I was younger, I would track market trends and make market predictions,” she said. “Prior to my husband, Russell’s, passing away (in 2010), he suggested that I get my real estate license. I was working a stressful full-time job at the time. He said to me, ‘Do it for you, just because you can.’ So, I did.”

In past work, she was Vice President and Director of the AFL-CIO, Community Service. She was also the past Director of Communication for UFCW Local 1099, now Local 75.

McElfresh was raised in Centerville and has lived in Monroe for 18-plus years. She collects antiques and is owner of Antiques Village Antique Mall on Market Street in Centerville.

“I have always loved old things that have a story to tell,” she said. “I gravitate toward utilitarian pieces that were used on a daily basis. I have many personal collections that I am downsizing, one includes more than 250 coverlets dating from 1750s through 1890s and the other are blue salt glazed crocks and jugs with decoration.”

She started High Cotton Swag Jewelry and Accessories in January 2019.

“The company was created to offer women beautiful fashion jewelry at affordable prices,” McElfresh said. “Everything I sell is $5 and it is all lead- and nickel-free. I found Paparazzi Jewelry and fell in love with the product. The pieces were gorgeous and of good quality. More importantly, I loved how this $5 jewelry made me feel.

“After my husband passed, I did not truly feel anything for many years. As crazy as it sounds, this beautiful jewelry made me feel happy, it made me smile, and it made me want to pay more attention to myself. I felt like other women might like to have fun and smile more.”

She became an independent consultant and now has live jewelry shows every Wednesday and Sunday evenings at 7 p.m. on the business Facebook page, “High Cotton Swag Jewelry & Accessories.”

McElfresh has always believed in the labor movement and the rights of hourly workers.

“In 2002, I transitioned from UFCW to a position with the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) Vice President Community Services in conjunction with the Dayton, Miami Valley Regional Labor Council,” she said.

She was also a vice president for the Dayton United Way, continuing her work in multiple communities that tough many lives.

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