Missing dog burned in Middletown house fire found after 6 days

An injured dog that went missing after escaping a house fire on Winton Street in Middletown has been found after six days, according to a Facebook post by the nonprofit Joseph’s Legacy Animal Rescue.

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The Australian shepherd mix, named Little Bit, escaped a fire that killed multiple other pets, but had multiple burns and went missing. Six days later, according to Joseph’s Legacy, they received a call and found the dog, contacting the owners and meeting them at the vet.

Photos of Little Bit are available on Joseph's Legacy's Facebook page, but warning, they are graphic.

Little Bit had burns on an estimated 50 percent of her body, the rescue said.

The nonprofit said that the dog is now on the way to MedVet Cincinnati. With her injuries, she is likely to have a large medical bill estimated between $6,300 and $11,500, so Joseph’s Legacy is asking for donations to help.

Anyone wishing to donate should do so on the Joseph's Legacy Rescue website.

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