Meet Miami’s most unique freshman trio: The Keller triplets

They were born one minute apart, graduated from the same high school, applied to the same college, moved onto the Miami University campus on the same day and now occasionally befuddle their fellow freshmen in the same way.

It all comes with the turf of being triplets and the Keller boys of Cincinnati – Dominic, Jonas and Luke - are just fine about it as they embark on their collegiate careers at the same school their parents attended.

The Butler County school’s famed tradition of “Miami Merger” marriages also includes Dennison and Theresa Keller, who recently returned to their old campus in Oxford to help their boys in triplicate move in and start their own Miami legacies.

“It was jolting when your only three children blow out the door at the same time,” explained their father about the sudden, empty-nest experience as their children moved last month from their Cincinnati home – the boys graduated from The Seven Hills School – into their separate campus residence halls.

The three 18-year-olds almost went their separate ways via different college choices.

Luke, who plans to major in business-economics, was determined to be a Miami RedHawk but Dominic – studying the same major as Luke - toyed with the idea of attending the University of South Carolina.

And Jonas, who is studying biology with a pre-medical studies co-major, was headed to Ohio State University but a Miami campus visit with his brothers dissuaded him.

Miami University President Gregory Crawford stopped in during freshman move in day last month to chat up the three Kellers.

Making friends as a freshman at college is easier, all three said, when you already have two buddies in your brothers.

“Being a triplet at Miami University is great,” said Luke. “We already have a built-in friend group here because whenever I want, I can call Dominic up or call Jonas up and say ‘hey, let’s hang out.’”

Jonas – the firstborn by 60 seconds - agreed, saying “we definitely like to mess around.”

“I have had a blast being a triplet here at Miami,” he said.

Dominic said “it’s great having two guys I already know here and hanging out with them, studying with them.”

“It’s always great to have your brothers at home and also at the same college where you go,” he said.

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