Riders enjoy the new wooden roller coaster Mystic Timbers at Kings Island on Thursday, April 13. The ride opens to the public on Saturday. GREG LYNCH / STAFF

Kings Island wins two special awards

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It was the 20th annual ceremony sponsored by Amusement Today magazine which covers the industry. The Golden Ticket Award for Best New Ride in the world was handed out to Mystic Timbers.

The 109-foot-tall wooden roller coaster rumbles over 16 airtime hills along 3,265 feet of track through wooded terrain and over water at 53 mph. More than 1.1 million guests have ridden Mystic Timbers since the ride opened in April.

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For the 17th year in a row, the kids’ area at Kings Island has been named the best in the world.

Planet Snoopy features Peanuts-themed rides and attractions for every age, including four roller coasters specifically designed for children, character meet-and-greets, gift shop and a petting farm.

Additionally at the Golden Ticket awards, Kings Island had two of its rides ranked on top 10 lists: The Beast sixth among wooden roller coasters and Diamondback eighth for steel.

The Beast is one of only two roller coasters that have been on every top 10 list Amusement Today has published since the inception of the Golden Ticket Awards in 1998.