Kings Island preparing for 2020: What to expect from the park this year

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Kings Island Orion giga coaster

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Track work on Kings Island’s newest coaster, Orion, continues to move forward ahead of schedule.

“The final delivery of steel was made (last) week, and we anticipate the circuit will be complete within the next couple weeks,” said spokesman Chad Showalter. “After that, the operational, electrical and mechanical work begins.”

Kings Island will give its first public rides on the giga coaster April 11, when the park opens for the 2020 season. It will be the tallest, fastest, longest steel coaster at Kings Island. The opening date was among the announcements made Friday along with the Warren County amusement park's entire spring/summer operating calendar at

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Also taking place at the park this off-season is the expansion of the plaza at the ride’s entrance, an area formerly known as “X-Base” that has been renamed “Area 72,” Showalter said. The expansion to the area, which first opened as a sub-area of Coney Mall in 2007, includes adding a food stand and incorporating theming elements, he said.

Demolition teams are preparing the site of Vortex for demolition, Showalter said. Actual demolition of that roller coaster has not yet started, but it is planned to be completed before the 2020 season begins.

He said a lot happens in the offseason to ready the park for its spring opening, including general maintenance and repair that cannot be done during the season.

“For Kings Island’s maintenance crews and ride technicians, it’s the busiest time of their year,” Showalter said. “Ride vehicles are removed from their rides and transported to maintenance shops where each are stripped down to every last nut and bolt. Everything will be disassembled, examined and rebuilt before the season begins.”

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The announcement of the new season’s scheduled arrived a day before the 364-acre park’s first job fair of 2020 was held Saturday, when on-the-spot job offers will be made.

Job opportunities for more than 5,000 positions were available, and associates are needed in all areas of park operation, including admissions, call center, cash control, entertainment, finance, food and beverage, fire and safety, guest services, lifeguards, marketing internships, merchandise, rides, security, sweeps and warehouse.

Most of the park’s seasonal positions are available to applicants who are 16 years and older. A limited number of jobs require a minimum age of 15 years. Adults looking to supplement their income and retirees may apply as well.