Here’s how much money area colleges will lose in state budget cuts

Ohio’s public community colleges and universities each will lose 3.8% of their original 2019-20 “state share of instruction” funding in the next two months, according to the state Office of Budget and Management.

The statewide “SSI” cuts to colleges total $76.7 million according to OBM, from a total original appropriation of $2.02 billion. The highest dollar amount cuts were to large universities — $14.9 million at Ohio State, $8.2 million at the University of Cincinnati, and $6.65 million at Ohio University.

Cuts to area colleges would be:

• Clark State Community College: $576,735

• Central State University: $136,696

• Edison State Community College: $327,788

• Miami University: $2,928,414

• Sinclair Community College: $1,955,878

• Wright State University: $3,227,472

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