Harmful algae detected at Caesar Creek Lake beach

State officials have issued a water quality advisory for the beach at Caesar Creek Lake after testing indicated harmful algae is in the swimming area.

Signs are posted advising park attendees that "currently there is a harmful algal bloom" at the public beach, but people may still "swim at their own risk," according to the state park's Facebook page.

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The water in other parts of the lake, including the campground beach, were tested and are OK, according to the post.

The algal bloom is believed to be the first at the 2,830-acre reservoir in the northeastern part of Warren County and is a result of the recent flooding, according to the post.

A harmful algal bloom contains bacteria that produce toxins that can affect the liver, nervous system and skin, according to the Ohio Department of Health. State officials rely on two levels of advisories, one recommending against swimming and one that bans swimming altogether when the toxins reach unsafe levels.

To check whether an advisory is in place at a public Ohio waterway, go to the ODH Beach Guard website here.

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