Hamilton mayor makes statement after fatal shooting

Hamilton Mayor Pat Moeller told the Journal-News today that the entire community must send a message to young people about ending “senseless violence.”

“All of us — young and old, from all walks of life — have to look within ourselves and ask, ‘What can I do to help stop this destruction of life?’ ” Moeller said.

His comments came just hours Wednesday after bullets rang out on Central Avenue, killing one unidentified man during a drive-by shooting.

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“Answers are many but all point to communicating to our young people the fact that lives with great potential are being lost to absolutely senseless violence,” Moeller said. “If nothing else, think about children growing up without fathers, mothers losing sons, and innocent people being in harm’s way.”

He also commended the city’s police department on its “professionalism and thoroughness at the crime scene and during the investigation.”