Nearby restaurants offer free meals to 1st responders, support for victims’ families

Credit: Marshall Gorby/Staff

Credit: Marshall Gorby/Staff

Three Dayton restaurants are offering meals and respite to first responders in the the wake of Sunday morning’s deadly shooting attack in Dayton’s Oregon District.

Police say a gunman killed nine people in the Oregon District Sunday around 1 a.m. before being shot and killed by law enforcement. At least 27 others were injured.

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"We are definitely inviting any responders or city (workers) who still find themselves on their feet (to the restaurant) so that they can come in and take a break and have something to eat," said Elizabeth Wiley, co-owner of Wheat Penny Oven and Bar at 515 Wayne Ave. "It would be our pleasure to give it to them on the house."

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Nearby, Dublin Pub, 300 Wayne Ave., said in its Facebook page that it could not open for business Sunday, “but our doors will be open to take care of our first responders.”

And Tank’s Bar and  Grill, 2033 Wayne Ave. in Dayton’s Walnut Hills neighborhood, is also offering free meals to first responders, according to the pub’s Facebook page.

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