Cheryl Coker case: ‘I’ve never in my entire life hurt anyone,’ says husband

Cheryl Coker disappeared four and a half months ago and we just found out recently that her estranged husband William “Bill” Coker has been at the center of the police investigation from the start.

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News Center 7’s Mike Campbell worked to catch up with Bill Coker and did have a brief conversation with the man police now call a murder suspect.

Coker told us that he is not involved in his wife’s death.  “I’ve never in my entire life hurt anyone,” he said.

“She was behaving in some risky behavior right before she disappeared and I haven’t really been willing to put that out there because I didn’t want (our daughter) to hear about it.”

Coker there referred to the couple’s 15-year-old daughter whom he said he is trying to protect.

Coker said he is innocent but isn’t sure how to protect himself now that police have named him a suspect.

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