Butler County woman reports losing $1,200 in apartment subleasing scam


Credit: Submitted

Credit: Submitted

A woman who posted a message on a Miami University Facebook group about subleasing an apartment got a response but was cheated out of $1,200 in a check scam by the person responding to the request, according to an Oxford police report.

Police took the report Nov. 4 from the woman, who said she had posted the sublease message Sept. 4.

She said the uncharged suspect had contacted her and told her a company would send her a check for $4,700, instead of the asking price of $3,200. She was to then send $1,200 to the uncharged suspect through PayPal. After doing so, she was contacted again and told to send more money to a Navy Federal account.

Soon after, however, she discovered the original check had bounced and she owed the bank $1,200. She then realized it had been a scam.

The uncharged suspect had blocked her from all forms of communication.