Warren, Butler counties fight about sewers: What you need to know

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Dispute could affect Union Village, Sports Complex

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Union Village, sports complex among proposed developments held up.

Butler County has hit the pause button on new developments in southwestern Warren County. It wants to renegotiate the contract through which residential and commercial developments east of Interstate 75 get sewer service.

Here’s what you need to know:

Immediate issues: Butler County officials are holding off on issuance of permits for the first phase of the 4,500-home, 1,400-acre Union Village development, projected to attract as much as $1.5 billion in investment. This could stall progress toward opening the $15.5 million Warren County Sports Park at Union Village.

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Sewer rights: The rights to provide sewer services are divided up into service areas. Warren County turned this area over to Butler County in the 1980s. The OKI Regional Council of Governments rules on changes in this area.

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Rate debate: Butler County is expected to push for higher rates for its Warren County customers. At last week's Warren County Board of Commissioners meeting, Commissioner Shannon Jones accused Butler County of holding developers and residents "hostage."

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Changing partners: Butler County says it has concerns long-term about serving its customers as well as those in Warren County. Warren County Commissioner Dave Young suggested Warren County should explore convincing OKI to give back the areas currently served by Butler County. Staff said it would take three years to build a new plant to serve the area.

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