When are area school districts off for spring break? Some have already started

It’s spring break season for area K-12 school systems so tell us some of your best ideas for spending family time, kid engagement activities and fun spring break traditions

Butler County’s largest school system – the 16,500-student Lakota Schools – are off this week, and soon other districts will release their students.

Also off this week are the high school students of Butler Tech.

Spring break dates for other Butler and Warren county public and non-public schools are:

Hamilton: April 1-5

Fairfield: April 1-5

Middletown: April 19-26

Mason: March 25-29

Kings: March 25-29

Ross: March 25-29

Edgewood: March 25-29

Madison: March 18-22

Talawanda: April 22-26

New Miami: March 25-29

Monroe: March 18-22

Hamilton’s Catholic high school Badin: April 1-5

Southern Warren County districts Mason and Kings Schools will be off March 25-29. And Middletown’s Fenwick High School – in Warren County - is off April 13-22.

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